How To Increase Website Traffic

Are you looking into increasing traffic to your website and blogs? WordPress should be your solution. It is a very famous and functional system for content management. Accordingly, WordPress is active not only for website creation but blogs due to its easy usability. There are numerous plugins you can use in boosting your traffic and website engagement. WordPress plugins are software codes incorporated into the system for easy management of the content on the website.

Every plugin available on the open market serves its specific purpose in making website creation unique and easier. They create WordPress user-friendly since they equip them with an abundance of operational materials. However, users should be cautious when installing plugins since their creation does not involve WordPress developers. Seemingly, users may never be safe when using a given plugin on their website.

There are two categories of WordPress plugin available and designed for easy installation due to their user-friendly. The two types include mess-with and drop-in types. Mess-with involves plugins that require more playing around and tweaking with. They provide users with more control over their content on the website, thus making easy formatting of the template files. On the other hand, Drop-in are plugins that can upload and activate easily within the panel of WordPress.

The WordPress layout is useful for easy installation and configuration of plugins. Accordingly, the activation of plugins can be manual or automatic, depending on user preferences. Individuals with more experience prefer controlling the system substantially since they know the kind of plugin they need to use. The creation of each plugin range from simple to complex, with some designed to optimize the content of the website. They can serve the SEO purposes of grabbing the attention of the website owner reasonably faster. 

Benefits Of WordPress Plugins

Basing on popularity, there are various benefits offered by plugins to website administrators and developers that enhance effective content management.

Creation of booking email and forms.

WordPress plugins are essential in creating a booking email and forms quickly.  Despite your little experience in technical knowledge, WordPress plugins can be a convenient way of offering information. It enables small scale businesses with low technology to convey relevant information to the customers and draw their attention.

They are time-saving.

Time is a significant resource for content development and website management. Many content developers prefer using plugins since they save a lot not only on development time but also on the overall budget of the website. Due to easy accessibility, numerous plugin can give developers a wide range of applicability ranging from complex functionality to smaller updates. The sophisticated functionality ranges from e-commerce to more minor updates like enabling site administrators to add a Google tracking system without touching the code.

They give some flexibility.

Plugins give developers a flexible opportunity of customizing site features and functionality. Accordingly, they allow users to turn on and off some settings and changes of styles like sizes, fonts, and colors to match with the rest in the site. 

They are very reliable.

Plugins are so crucial to the development of WordPress created and controlled by reputable companies with regular updates on fixing bugs and security improvement. Accordingly, plugins offer various functionality levels depending on your requirements. Free traffic generator plugins provide basic functionality with a free version and paid version for more advanced features.

WordPress Plugins For Increasing Website Traffic 

When it comes to finding WordPress website traffic, using the right plugins can get you a lot of help. They allow users to improve their WordPress platforms with additional functionalities and features. Accordingly, developers design plugins to eliminate any need for a professional programmer and minimize the building cost of your website from scratch. Therefore, it involves a discussion of the best WordPress plugins that can help you to get more traffic quickly.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins with a comprehensive set of tools that are useful for website optimization. It allows users to check how SEO friendly is their content before posting it on the website. Your site can get adequate attention through the use of Yoast SEO for optimizing the website for social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google analytics.

Accordingly, this plugin helps in streamlining the keywords of your content and aligning them with the right places. Yoast SEO increases the possibility of your site getting traffic from individuals you need to associate eth the brand.  Besides, it enhances the simplicity of many search engine optimization activities.

 Notably, the plugin enhances the better achievement of essential things on the website. They include the addition of Meta value to your homepage, single post Meta value, social media optimization, and creation of sitemap files. Finally, the Yoast plugin helps in creating a solid foundation of SEO to build upon and the useful one. 

The use of the correct keyword is an effective way of increasing traffic to your website. It is necessary to use keywords in the content because they help in differentiating different website values. Accordingly, the right keyword help in creating high chances for SEO to select your articles and award them the highest ranking on the website.


 OptinMonster is the next WordPress plugin attracting the attention of more than 70% of individuals into the website. It involves converting visitors into email subscribers and offer elegant features that make it a leading generation. Accordingly, the OptinMonster plugin enables easy tracking of user’s behavior and showing them target messages at the precise time hence easily converting them into email subscribers. 

The OptinMonster receives more than 80 subscribers each day from contact forms, sidebar forms, and other site landing pages. Any single change made on the site help to increase the daily signup rate, which in turn leads to an increase in the WordPress traffic. Besides, the leading generation software helps users in creating and integrating effective opt-in forms on their website easily. 

With the exit-intent technology on the OptinMonster plugin, you are capable of converting abandoning customers into subscribers. Accordingly, the track user’s velocity and mouse gesture help the plugin in detecting the precise time for the user to leave and prompting them with the target campaign. Besides, the plugin model comes with a money-back guarantee of 14 days that enables you to use the product and see if it increase email subscription or not. 

Floating Social Bar.

Floating social bar is among the best WordPress plugins generator traffic that is super-fast and famous social networks. The established social bar help in minimizing the visibility of social media without impacting the website speed. Accordingly, its lightweight enables the addition of a horizontal float share bar to your pages and blog posts. Besides, the floating ability of this WordPress plugin improves the eye-catching on social media, thus increases the subscription shares.

The floating social share bar has simple applicability. It consists of simple interface selections for dragging and dropping social buttons that users need to display. Its drag-drop interface can also be useful in controlling the appearance of social share buttons on your site. Accordingly, a metabox feature on the WordPress plugin help in disabling the social media bar on a particular page or post.  

The socialite script is useful in loading the social buttons when bringing the mouse over the button by the user. This activity helps in keeping the site running very fast since it loads scripts only when necessary. Notably, its fast and slim nature helps in supporting major networks of social media, including Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

WordPress To Buffer

Buffer is a WordPress plugin that increases outposts of your pages, posts for publication schedules on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For WordPress trafficking, developers can use a single dashboard to share things on all their networks. Accordingly, the products provide analytics with a URL shortening and simple schedules of posts. Additionally, the WordPress buffer also helps users in adding team members, which is an excellent way of dividing social media activities.

 Buffer product works by increasing the lifespan of the content of users. It provides users an opportunity to refreshing the old content by taking the posts of the current WordPress and promoting them again on social media. The free website traffic generator plays a paramount role in offering a free version that enables users to post a single message across many platforms. 

However, you may require to incur the cost of upgrading it to the pro version for easy accessibility to more advanced features. Among the many advanced features include customizing messages for every platform. Additionally, to use the buffer WordPress version, also you require creating a buffer account. Besides, buffer if free to utilize three platforms and ten posts scheduled at a time in each account. 

 Revive Old Posts 

Reviving the old posts is an excellent opportunity of making them operate for users and keeping them alive on social profiles. Accordingly, it enhances the automatic sharing of past posts on social platforms at regular intervals. The social network is the best source of traffic on many sites; it can enable you to utilize essential systems. This means you can use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is introducing new followers to your latest content.

The accessibility to social networks helps in engaging users on social media platforms, establish a stable following, and increasing traffic to your website. Revive old post plugin enables users to choose the number of posts they need to share as well as the time intervals for every job. It also adds Google Analytics Campaign tracking code automatically in the shared posts for easy accessibility to WordPress information

Accordingly, the tracking code enables users to account for the traffic generated on the website by the revive posts. You can also choose the period old posts requires to appear before shared with your followers. Since the plugin supports the type of custom posts, it is easy for you to choose the post type share with your followers on social networks.

 Inlined Related plugin  

Inlined related is the next best WordPress plugin that works uniquely in increasing website traffic. It shows associated posts inside your articles instead of showing them below the content. The aspect operates excellently for large items due to the already engagement of users to the content and is likely able to check the related content. The activity helps in increasing the period your user spends on the website and your page views.

The increased number of new sites has made inline related posts more popular since users can easily find relevant content on different websites. The plugin serves as a link to the applicable content of a blog post that proves the increment of page views.  You can naturally interlink your posts while writing in which bloggers usually rely on when looking for related content at the end of your post. 

Showing related content enables readers to look for more relevant and excellent content on your website. The fact that traditional plugins can add related content at the end of every article, links for the inline related post can play a significant role. They help in styling the posts better without interfering with the current reading of the article by the users. Besides, the product is easy to set up and can enable users to take control of where they need to display related links in their content.

 WordPress Popular Posts

The popular posts are another WordPress plugin used to increase the user’s website traffic. It helps users in highlighting the best content on their website that increases engagement and brings more attention. For simple applicability, this plugin allows users to display great content based on comments or pageviews. Users can also view lists of their post thumbnails and even select daily, weekly, or monthly popular posts that can attract customers into their website.

WordPress popular posts is a powerful plugin constituting all the options you would require in displaying your great posts. The software is useful for supporting types of custom posts and the ability to add widget numerous times. Doing so, it is easy for you to create various sets of various famous views, such as popular reviews and posts on the website. Since it is the most downloaded plugin, it can allow users to show recent trending contents through the selection of date range.

Accordingly, the software to show popular posts, most viewed, and commented on articles with many various conditions. The plugin is available at a built-catching mechanism with longevity lifespan and resource-intensive. Besides, the product has highly flexible features that are simple to set up and composed of aggressive caching to minimize server load during the operation. Therefore, this software is perfect due to its ability to add famous post sliders, grid blocks, and carousels to the website, thus increasing traffic.


ShareThis is the next plugin that works to increase your website traffic through the integration of social media platforms. It allows for the addition of share buttons for all correspondent accounts of social media to post and other locations on the site. Doing so enables customers to share your content easily on their social media profiles. The sharing increases the visibility of your website since it reaches a large group of your audience.

The share buttons feature the most popular social networks, such as WhatsApp and sms, which enables customers to share them using any device. Accordingly, the software allows quick configuration and installation of share buttons by the WordPress website. It can also help in accomplishing the manual installation of all function keys for the complete control of the share button appearance on the WordPress site.

The software can disable or enable the sticky share buttons on home pages, all posts, pages, author pages, custom posts, and the content tags. It can also eliminate share buttons on the particular category archives and pages by the use of searchable page exception. 

Similarly, the post and page editor controls enable users to disable or enable the share buttons on the site regardless of the default settings.  Besides, it is essential to agree to usability terms when creating a ShareThis account to help to keep track of user interactions with the buttons.

Key things to consider when choosing a WordPress plugin

Average ratings

The average rating is one of the critical factors to consider when choosing a WordPress plugins. It involves investigating the plugin by looking at the average rating of the user.  The users should choose plugins with an average rating of four since those with a low rating can be potentially dangerous. 

User reviews

Reviews given by the users are essential in selecting a plugin for WordPress traffic.  You should read a number of the recent highest and lowest review ratings to find a better taste of it before installation. Accordingly, individuals should watch out for common grievances while reading on every review as they usually reveal the strength and weaknesses of the plugin. 

Compatibility and updates.

The plugins with regular updates by developers are more secure than those irregularly updated. Moreover, updating them with major WordPress updates enhances high compatibility. Generally, regularity and consistency of updates is a fundamental way of gauging the current involvement levels of plugin developers. The WordPress repository is useful in showing the exact time of the plugin’s last update. 

Besides, the repository provides updates of all the previous logs that allow exact observation of the developer’s intentions. Paying close attention to compatibility issues is necessary since poorly compatible plugins with the WordPress version can stop existing and functioning.


 When you are choosing a WordPress plugin for trafficking, it is essential to select the stable one. You should ensure the stability of numerous plugins with multiple functions to prevent them from crashing, improper functionality, and plenty of bugs.  Besides, you need to stick to the developed plugins for the safety of your website and fewer frustrations.


There are numerous ways of increasing traffic to a WordPress website. It may take a lot of time and effort for users to find the best software for their WordPress websites. But make sure that all your posts are perfect and you will indirectly observe traffic flowing in progressively. Accordingly, avoid overloading the site with many plugins to increase the performance rate of your website. Most importantly, research adequately before configuring and installing a plugin to minimize the chances of causing usability problems.